Geschichte Mundharmonika-Quartett FATA MORGANA

Before FATA MORGANA started: the 1970’s

When the founding members of harmonica quartet FATA MORGANA started the group in 1980, all of them had already gained harmonica experience in the years before.

The roots of the quartet lie with the Eindhoven Harmonica Club (EMC), initiated by Peter Janssen early 1970. This club hosted harmonica orchestras, but also groups, trios and soloists.

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The 1980’s: the first deccenium of FATA MORGANA

During the first deccenium of FATA MORGANA’s existence the group experienced three player-changes, it gave 130 concerts in 7 different countries (of which several radio and TV appearances), and it released two cassette tapes. FATA MORGANA developed it’s own style with their own arrangements. The quartet won first prize at international competitions three times.

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The 1990’s

During the second decennium of FATA MORGANA’s existence, there was one player-change, 133 concerts were played in 7 different countries, a CD was released and the group established itself further in the harmonica world. Also during this period, the quartet members were asked more frequently to act as judge or host at festivals, and the group was asked to play more often at festival gala concerts.

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The years 2000 up to 2009

The third FATA MORGANA decennium. 88 concerts in 12 different countries, another player change and the release of three CD’s.

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The years from 2010

Even after 30 years together the end is still not in sight.
With an 8 years unchanged group the quartet starts its fourth deccenium.

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